Sunday, 8 November 2015


swahili fashion week

The most popular East Africa fashion week, Swahili fashion week 2015 was officially launched in Dar es Salaam. The event that is organized by 360 degrees company kicks off as a multifaceted three days of fashion, beauty and lifestyle event compound with unforgettable performance and diverse culture which continue to put Tanzania on an international spotlight.

Speaking with journalists during the launch of the show, the Fashion Week Manager, Honest Nyamai said the event will take place from December 4th to 6th this year at Sea Cliff Hotel.
He added that the eighth edition of Swahili Fashion Week will continue to be the highlight of fashion weeks in Africa with local, regional and international designers garnering attention from national and international media since its inception in 2008.
He urged the public to support the design industry and proudly wear made in Africa especially Tanzania concept. “The local talents need to be nurtured to evolve them into synonymously globally recognised brand names.
Charity begins at home, thus we look forward to support from local companies and organisations to facilitate this trade of business of fashion,” stated Nyamai. He added that during the day time, there will be shopping festival whereby various exhibitors will display and sell various handicrafts, art and accessories.
The last day, he said, will culminate into celebration of the finery in the fashion industry, where by award Swahili fashion week has been the premier creative platform for designers from East Africa and beyond, who showcase their collection to the global audience. Winners in 21 categories will be announced.



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