Sunday, 16 August 2015


Sometimes, the woman is King. Secure, powerful, bold and courageous dancing to the rythm of her beat Says Nancy Nwadire, "For this collection I was drawn once again to the beauty and strength of the Iconic Invanity woman and her journey, dreams, culture, explorations and discoveries"
The exploration, discovery and interpretation of her heritage redefines the true meaning of "African Luxury" through signature embellished Regal pieces seen throughout this collection.
A wide array of pieces ranging from crisp white embellished cape dresses symbolising royalty. Bold red and blue, on black and white backdrops, signifies her journey through the nuances of music, art and culture. Bold reds, blues and coral colors on geometrical abstracts continue to reflect heritage, passion, strength and who the Iconic Invanity woman is.

Photo Credit
Photographer: Tope Horpload (Instagram: @Tope_Horpload)
Styling/Concept: Moses Ebite (Instagram: @MoashyStyling)
Model/ Face of Iconic Invanity: Tansey Coetzee Sodeinde (Instagram:@TanseyC_Sodeinde)
Makeup: Dave Sucre (Instagram: @DaveSucre)
Hair: Sari Signature (Instagram: @SariSignature)
Regency Chair/Props: Ehi Sayaveth interiors, Lagos (Instagram: @CEOSayavethInteriors)
Behind the scenes Footage: Sharon Ojong for Spice TV (Instagram:@SharonOjong | @SpiceTVAfrica)
To find out more about Iconic Invanity, send an e-mail to | Visit their website: | Follow them on Instagram @IconicInvanity



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