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France is the country of wine, cheese, art and fashion. France is also the country that ushered in the age of radical social change and enlightened with the French Revolution between 1789 and 1799.
It is precisely this idea of radicalism in Fashion that Stephanie Soleansky - French Cultural Attaché - chose as the theme for this years' s Fashion Show at the Ambassador's Residence to mark French Revolution Day on July 14. Teaming up with award-winning ace designer Bee Arthur was the perfect formula for a revolutionary show.  Out of the 30 applicants,  Stephanie and Bee selected the  3 best budding designers: Alinafe, House of Paon and Chapter One.  Bee Arthur's supervisory role entailed giving the 3 young designers creative direction, monitoring their progress and providing styling for the pre-show photoshoots and for the fashion show.
Each designer presented a mini-collection of 5 garments which reflected the Revolutionary theme of the show:  futuristic, edgy , avantguarde.
Alinafe presented a very architectural collection made up of dresses and jumpersuits  with exaggerated pockets and oversized sleeves. The monochromatic effect of black and white and yellow was quite striking. Bee Arthur style the models with white hair extensions to complement Alinafe's white outfits whiles the make up was kept subdued with pearly lip gloss and a touch of pearly eyeshadow. The hair was swept away from the faces and raised high to create the effect of power and uprightness.
House of Paon opted for his signature tule, organza and leather combinations to create very sultry and sexy collection composed of  both  sumptuous long skirts and mini skirys, bras and halter-neck tops, tops with slits and peek-a-boos and even a kimono. The mixture of stripes and squares created a very graphic effect which was very interesting and daring . His main colours were white , black and red. To break the monotony of the colours , Bee introduced yellow head accessories and  some fluo beads.
ChapterOne presented a men's collection which had a " Wild Wild West " feel to it.  The designer  cleverly mixed oversized cotton and knitted shirts with leather jackets and trousers. The main feature of this collection was that, all the parts of the outfits were detachable. Silver studds and boots gave the collection a very rock'n'roll allure. Bee accessorized the garments with sunglasses and neckwear.  Some of the models wore hats with the Chapter One logo.
The invited guests at the Show received the collections with total awe as the overall visual impact was very striking. The music which was carefully chosen by Stephanie, Dj Benjamin and Bee, reflected the "Revolution" theme  of the show with classic sings by Fela, Davied Bowie, Bob Marley, Asa, Fokn Bois and Sarkodie amongst others. The models professionalism was also key to the success of the show.

See images below:

 House of Peon




Behind the scene

Photography: Ayitey Hammond
Photography: Mico Majid-Michel
Backstage photography: Lili Fragaki
MUA: Mofe
MUA: Bee Arthur
Hair: Bee Arthur
Accessories: Bee Arthur
Styling : Bee Arthur
Supervision of Shoots: Bee Arthur
Designer: Leslie Wiredu - Chapter One
Designer: Collins Obeng Manu - House of Paon
Designer: Alinafe Naphu  Misomali - Alinafe

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