Saturday, 24 January 2015


I will be very brief in answering this question that most emerging designers mostly ask me. I discussed it in details in my soon to be released Fashion Entrepreneurship Guide.

“What’s the difference between a lookbook and a line sheet?”  

Lookbook is a set of photographs displaying a fashion designer's new collection, assembled for marketing purposes. Through a collection of well-styled editorial images, the story of your brand is told. These images often make the first impression before a buyer or an editor even sees the collection in person. Lookbooks in general give the 'feel' of the pieces
Lookbook: sindiso khumalo spring/summer 2013

Line sheet is a sales tool created with the sole purpose of helping buyers in placing orders of your pieces.  It's a wealth of information for buyers and contain style names, season, wholesale prices, sizes, colors/patterns available, delivery dates and order cut off dates, order minimum, company and/or sales rep contact information, materials and suggested markup prices. They are meant to answer questions for the buyer at a glance. Line sheets give the 'facts' about the pieces.
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Though, Some brands combine their lookbook and line sheet into one with styled images on one side of a page and information on the other, though it’s usually best to keep them completely separate.
Regardless of how you plan to design these two elements, both are of equal importance. I suggest you create both a physical and digital copy of each one; It makes it easy when an editor or buyer emails you requesting for quick information about your collection.


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