Sunday, 25 January 2015


Promoting fashion business can be very expensive which many start up cannot afford but thanks to Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the rest for making life a little bit easy for young entrepreneurs to share their  creativity.    
In a competitive industry like fashion, you need to find ways to distinguish yourself from the masses and show why your brand is the best brand for your customer. But as a start up or growing fashion business brand that cannot afford hiring a PR for branding and promotion. Here are some tips for you on how you can use social media to tell your brand story.
Share something meaningful every day – Product of the day, showcasing at fashion or trade show, discount and coupons, when a product is being conceptualized, when you’re sketching the new collection, during a strategy session, when you’re cooling off with a glass of wine. . Must let your audience be a part of that journey that gets you to the next step. Let them share in your joys and crazy adventures along the way.
 Tell a good story – What is your brand promise? Communicate that to your customer often what your brand stand for, Inspire and motivate others. Just remember that your customers care about your story but they also care about what your story means for their own happiness.
Be Personal and Connect - Don’t just be a post master. Interact with your customer, answer questions, and learn how to handle critics because lot of them will come. This includes all the normal marketing stuff such as being authentic, consistent, transparent, and persuasive. All should tap into the values and beliefs of your audience.
Hiring a PR person or agency is a most for every fashion brand if you want to take your business to next level, as soon as you can afford it, go for one



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