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Music industry all over the world has been contributing immensely to GDP and social development. Musicians also has been classified as one of the well to do class in our society while the growth of the industry continues to skyrocket every day.  
Music is an art while also fashion but fashion industry doesn’t seems to be experiencing such rapid growth like music industry. I have been thinking about what could have possibly been the cause of this crawling nature of fashion industry in Africa.
With my 5 years experience as fashion entrepreneur based in Ghana, I have explored many areas of opportunity in the industry and that gives me the privilege of working directly or indirectly with mostly every important person in the industry.
My working experiences are not only limited to fashion industry, I’m also attached to and very active in music industry as well.
There are three (3) major areas that I believe music industry has gotten right and if they are improve on in the fashion industry, Ghana and Africa will experience major boost in 2015.

Unless you have started generating millions of dollars which I doubt with any African based designers, I think every designer should quickly consider the importance of collaboration with different stakeholders in the industry i.e Textile manufacturer, Fashion designer, Models, Blogger, Brand personality, etc
Collaboration synergy in the music industry is very strong as artists come together for join music, promotional show and many others. Why can’t we emulate the same in the fashion industry? This is an industry where designer label have found it increasingly difficult to compete with low cost brand from china as they troop in to Africa market every day.
I want to believe that building a sustainable collaboration is one of the many ways forward in 2015. I will be discussing more on this in my fashion entrepreneurship guide that would be release in first quarter of 2015.
Healthy Competition
I’m sure everybody in Ghana will forever remember Samini Vs Shatta rivalry or Nigerians will surely not forget so soon about Davido Vs Wizkid. These are healthy competition on like ‘Pull Me Down’ attitude, hatred, deceptions, greediness and ungrateful character dominated the fashion industry. 
Stakeholders in the music industry majorly compete with hit song/album, number of cars, houses, awards, and loads of cash in their bank accounts and not back biting. 
Always remember, the bigger the industry grows, more money for everybody to make and better life for everybody to live.     

Public Relations
The first question that pops into the mind of every new artiste in the music industry is; how am I going to get publicity for my self? Because if people don't know you, no matter how sensible and good your song is, it will never go anywhere. But unfortunately, its other way round for most fashion brands as publicity is either unnecessary or comes last on their business strategies.
Brand visibility should top your priority as a new or existing business while you continue to chants your way into bigger sales. I will talk more on this also in my Fashion Entrepreneurship Guide.
I hope this will help as I wish you Happy New Year in advance and I hope to see your business doing better in 2015.
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