Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Hey Guys! I know you want to ask "Where have you been for like two weeks without updates"?. Yeah, Sorry, it's been a busy period as Global  Dreams Management which is the parent body of This blog, Fashion Icon Awards, Bash Fashion Store, Business of Fashion Conference and Global Dreams PR Services is adjusting and scheduling 2015 activities but am back now.
Good news! Glitz Africa Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow with Haute Avant Garde Fashion Party, Whop ! Whop!! Whop!!!..Party time..  I got mine already...Go get your ticket and lets party hard tomorrow.

Hey! that's not all, The runway show starts on Friday, 7th November, 2014 with LK Darkenoo, AfroModTrends, AVD Fashion and Rose Phalhares opening the show. See the full runway schedule below
day 7th November 2014
6:00pm – LK Darkenoo, AfroModTrends, AVD Fashion, Rose Phalhares
7:00pm – BREAK
7:15pm – GAFW Presents Emerging Designers: Lumiere Couture, Ashia Kemi Eku, La Mode
8:00pm – BREAK
8:15pm – Afre Anko, Nallem Clothing, Sally Intiego
9:00pm – Deborah Vanessa, April Rust
9:30pm – Kimono Kollection
9:45pm – Abrantie Clothing
10:00pm – House of Nwocha
10:30pm – Thula Sindi
day 8th November 2014
6:00pm – Vlisco Presents (Sarah Richards, Alinafe, Stylista, Sefak, Seyi Jones)
7:00pm – BREAK
7:15pm – Totally Ethnik, Begray
8:00pm – Bosi and Charles, Poqua Poqu
8:30pm – Clemas, Vanskere
9:00pm – Alphadi
9:20pm – Orange Culture
9:40pm – Christie Brown
10:15pm – Okunoren
day 9th November 2014
6:00pm – Vlisco Presents (April Rust, Lumiere Couture, VHM, Aya Morrison, Annesi Bespoke)
7:00pm – Chocolate Clothes, Abbyke Domina, Bijelly
7:45pm – BREAK
8:00pm – Edgars
8:20pm – Mina Evans
8:40pm – She by Bena
9:00pm – Vonne Couture
9:30pm – Lanre Da Silva
10:00pm – Mai Atafo
Wow! No doubt it's going to be a great show with Africa's best designer line up.
Who are you actually looking forward to see?
Here are my own list;
-Abrantie Clothing
-House of Nwocha
-Thula Sindi
-Orange Culture
-Christie Brown
-Orange Culture
-Christie Brown
-Seyi Jones
-Aya Morrison
-Mina Evans
-She by Bena
-Vonne Couture
-Lanre Da Silva
-Mai Atafo


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