Sunday, 17 August 2014


Building on 10 years research on African skin, Dark and Lovely today announced the launch of Dark and Lovely Crème 6 Oils body lotion, the first multi-active formula which combines 6 natural oils to help combat the 6 most common imperfections affecting African skin. 
African skin is more prone to certain conditions of which the most common is dullness, dryness, roughness, uneveness, tightness and an “ashy”look. As a result, many African women usually add extra oils to traditional body lotions to retain moisture and rejuvenate their skin. Based on these insights, Dark & Lovely responded to the needs of their consumers by creating a body lotion that makes it easier for them to address all these issues in one step. Dark & Lovely identified 6 natural oils that treat these 6 skin issues and combined them into the winning formula of Crème 6 Oils which allows users to get back the skin they were born with!
Dark and Lovely Ambassador as well as one of Ghana’s rising film stars and TV presenter, Ama K Abebrese commented: “Black skin is extremely beautiful but the smallest imperfection can compromise our skin’s original beauty. Our skin can also get extremely dry and rough. I often add coconut oil and shea butter to my body lotion to ensure my skin stays hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past as I’m looking forward to trying Crème 6 Oils and seeing the results on my skin.”
Dark and Lovely Crème 6 Oils, combines 6 natural oils with unique properties, which work together to give Africans the much needed flawless skin:
Coconut Oil is a great skin softener and helps get rid of dry and hard skin conditions.
Anti-ashy look
Jojoba oil is loaded with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E and sterols which help to improve skin metabolism. It helps with dry, ashy complexion and can do wonders for your skin.
Apricot oil has a light texture and absorbs easily into your skin without leaving a greasy residue. This oil is rich in vitamins A and E, which helps your skin maintain its elasticity and smoothness.

About Dark & Lovely and L’Oreal West Africa
Dark and Lovely is one of the most established brands in L’Oréal West Africa’s beauty portfolio. It was recently voted the number one and most trusted total beauty brand amongst Ghanaian women. L’Oréal West Africa is part of the L’Oréal group, the world’s leading Beauty Company which has devoted itself to beauty for over 105 years. Research and innovation, and a dedicated research team of 4,000 people, are at the core of L’Oréal’s strategy, working to meet beauty aspirations all over the world and attract one billion new consumers in the years to come. L’Oréal’s new sustainability commitment for 2020 “Sharing beauty with all” sets out ambitious sustainable development objectives across the Group’s value chain.



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