Friday, 4 July 2014


Hesey designs bag
International designers are now borrowing tribal art from the African countries and adding a little touch from the West in making their collections.
Although most of their products are high end targeted, it is evident that the African culture has a worldwide influence on today’s fashion.
It is amazing how they source creativity from Africa. Tribal trends are hitting international runways as well as magazine editorials.
Popular designers like Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Emilio Pucci and Louis Vuitton are using a multi fusion of graphic tribal prints, traditional jewelry and exotic embellishments for their collections.
Every country in Africa has its own traditions therefore we should indulge in these different cultures. This will influence how we as Africans view our traditions and culture .Its high time we appreciate what we have by being original.
Most modern Africans wear Western inspired clothing and jewelry saving the African looks for special occasions such as weddings. In other countries they are worn as a symbol of wealth or royalty.
We have all the resources from beads which are handmade, shells, wood, feathers, brass metal, soap stone and many more which can make ornaments and decorations. These might be seen as just simple art but if combined with skills and style they could bring out sophistication that would be trending in international markets.
When we emphasize more on promoting the growth of African clothing, the stage will be attractive for stake holders.
The Kenyan fashion industry has a future if designers with artistic minds could incorporate this idea and use it to bring our fashion at the top of the list.
Africa should view designing as a talent and offer more support to fashion and design courses. Designers should also target the local market so that everyone has a chance to appreciate their efforts.
By Mercy Kariuki II



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